Packaging Design

Sugarlash Society

Creating one of the world's first lash care product line.
Three women with varying skin tones with the Sugarlash Society logo overlaid.
Sugarlash PRO
Brand and Packaging Designer
Project Duration
October 2021 to July 2022
Team Members
Mas Studios: Photography/Video
Daily Post Media: Product Photography

Logo and Branding

Sugarlash PRO is a professional product brand, being sold to businesses and entrepreneurs. Whereas, Sugarlash Society is the first consumer product brand under Sugarlash PRO. It was important to create a brand that has its own identity and upholds the same values, of being elegant, sleek, and professional.
Three women with varying skin tones with the Sugarlash Society logo overlaid.Sugarlash Society's main logo and sub logos.
Sugarlash Society branded tote hanging on a wooden chair.Sugarlash Society branded sticker on an envelope.Sugarlash Society product detail print outs on a wooden table.Sugarlash Society branded retail bag propped on a cinderblock.
Sugarlash Society social media advertisments showcased on a mobile device.

Type and Colours

Rama Gothic C is a tall narrow type that is great for headlines and mirrors the tallness of the logo. Neue Haas Grotesk is a sans-serif body type with a large x-height, and wide letter proportions to ensure easy readability. Black is the main colour of Sugarlash PRO. We did a complete 180° with Sugarlash Society, so we reversed the colours, making the main colour white.
Rama Gothic C and Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro typefaces being used in the alphabet.Sugarlash Society's brand colours and their colour codes.

Bottle Design

Different textures, finishes, and shapes were used to provide interest and tactility to the product packaging while maintaining white as the main colour.
Line of Sugarlash Society's product line. Gentle Gel Cleanser, Glaze, Lash Silk, Locked In Sealant in Clear and Black, and lastly Plump.

Outer Packaging

Using the alternative logo for the outer packaging will create a unique look and set itself apart from other lash care/skincare products. Each product has a unique model image on each one, making each of the boxes distinct but cohesive as a set.
Flatten boxes of Sugarlash Society's outer packaging product line.Two women pose by holding Sugarlash Society's Gentle Gel Cleanser.Smiling woman poses with Sugarlash Society's Lash Silk.Woman applies Sugarlash Society's Locked in Sealant in Clear to her lashes.Smiling woman poses with Sugarlash Society's Glaze.Woman poses with Sugarlash Society's Plump.

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