Don't get me wrong, my regular writing is chicken scratch.

Black ink brush lettering that reads a list of names, "Crash, Mars, Ginge, Hayley, Rachel, Adam, Kat, Raj, Savannah"Black ink brush lettering that reads a list of names,"Casey, Simon, Adaline, and Hiro".Green and pink painting that says "Collect moments, not things".Painting of a small tiger with text above that reads "Year of the Tiger 2022"Pencil lettering that reads "Hi, my name is Steph". The letters are surrounded with drawn flower motifs.Two hand drawn chalkboards framed on the wall above a at home coffee station.Chalkboard with a large iced drink with a ribbon that reads "Welcome" wrapping around it. The top of the board is marked "Simon and Casey".Chalkboard with a handwritten coffee menu.Painting of lemons and leaves that reads, "You're simply the zest".Painting of various breakfast items that reads, "Have an eggcellent day!".Painting in a notebook with script lettering that reads, "January".Black ink drawing that has decorative letters that reads, "let light shine out of the darkness".Large mirror with hand written table numbers and names in a wedding venue.Wedding mirror sign that has script lettering that reads, "Welcome, Zoe and Kieran".Empty notebook spread that reads, "Create your own magic" in the top left corner.Stack of "Keep Going" notebooks made by Stephanie Ng.Leather tote bag that has custom carving that reads, "Make today amazing".Hand holding a leather notebook cover that has custom carving that reads, "Adventure".Hand drawn Christmas card with a character inspired by the cartoon show, "Rick and Morty".Blue script lettering that reads, "It's okay to not have it all figured out".Chalkboard wall that reads, "Stephanie, Teagan, Isabella, and Hayley" with various nature motifs surrounding it.Chalkboard with script lettering that reads, "Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile".Chalkboard with script lettering that reads, "Do more of what makes you happy".