Gender Inclusivity Animation

Three vector illustrations of characters with pink, yellow, and blue backgrounds respectively.
University of St. Andrews
Art Direction and Animation Support
Project Duration
June 2021 to August 2021
Team Members
Abisoye Akinola: Project Manager, Jeff Woodward: Creative Director, Dan McKechnie: Multimedia Designer

Produced by Onlea Enterprises Inc.

How can we provide students and staff the tools and understanding to help treat everyone with respect and dignity with respect to gender and inclusivity?

Animated Explainer Video
The client wanted to embrace a bright, colourful, and approachable style to the animation. By incorporating a myriad of colours, it symbolizes that every colour and person can be part of this video.
Graphic Assets
Characters and buildings drawn for this animation were derived from real staff and landmarks found on campus grounds at the University of St. Andrews.
Line up of various colourful character illustrations.Two by two grid of various character illustrations in action.Illustrations of various buildings from University of St. Andrews.Illustration of a group picture getting taken beside Martyrs Monument.Line up of character illustrations speaking out their neopronouns.Illustration of three people getting coffee in a cafe. One of them is in a wheelchair.Illustration of someone holding a framed family portrait.Illustration of three heads indicating that they use different pronouns. There is text above that reads, "People may use different pronouns in different situations or when they present themselves differently".

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